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Is a small town in Kurdistan (the North of Iraq) 26  km of the province city Dohuk. The town lies 1400 m. above the sea level and has been surrounded by four mountains, Zangelo in
the East, Sare Ibrahimi in the north, Hessen and Qopi in the west. 


Inhabitants: The town consists of approximately 80 families, with a population of approximately thousand inhabitants. The town was former a tourist territory where annually thousand tourists
from the south and in the middle of of Iraq, but also from the foreign country their rest day spent. 

Relegion: Soennitische Muslims, but the most, especially young men, not practicing. About it is well a Mosque in the town where an Imam on Friday from
someone else city comes to hold a sermon . 

Economy: De tourist a source of earnings were for the inhabitants of Swaratuka, but to the many wars in Iraq and kurdistan, tourists way remained and disappeared this source of earnings. Men live now of the many grapes fields that the town except of economic benefit also a beautiful face give to Swaratoka. Further men have for own use cattle. 

Character: Men in Swaratuka have a strong tie with each other, they are soft of character, hospitable, fast satisfied and friendely. They work hard to survive and to have little possibilities till distraction. They see from it mostly gloomily. 

Sport and distraction: except of traditional sports as Tabalane, Khige, Tizane and Jingane  the young doing the football, basketbal and volleyball. There
is  also a football team that joins at the competition of that territory. 

Weather: It again is very pleasant. Hardly in the winter with many sneeuwval and warm in the summer with so’n 30 degrees. In the spring, Swaratuka each year again carries her green dress with many colorful wild flowers in the surrounding mountains. 

Healthiness: There is a small Medical Center in the town, but with little means and personnel. For illness and medical investigation its men indicated on medical care in the large cities. Men become fast old and pass away vague unexpectedly. 

Education: There is in the town, an elementary school with approximately 100 students and a secondary school found with 80 students. Men are relative high trained, but through flaw at sources of information and means of communication is the current knowledge that they have mostly limits., . Through the stem structure that in the town counts is the mostly less pleasantly for young men that to remain live. After the graduating, they seek mostly their safety in the large cities. 

Women: Women reasonably have been emancipated relative to the standards of that territory. Especially young women find their way in the education and have also vague after the graduating a job. Further works many women with in the grapes fields. 

Infrastructure: De weigh be passable and asphalted neglected, but its for years. There is a hotel from the years sixty in the center of the town, but the hotel has been destroyed by Irakese tanks during the last Intifade in 1991. The French – Town (a tourist live - and recreation complex) that through a French business in the years seventy has been built up is during the War in the years eighty destroyed. The telephone connections, that were in the years seventy in position, its total destroys.

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